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GynaeHealth UK - cervical cancer screening

GynaeHealth UK can help support your patient and employees occupational healthcare needs for cervical cancer diagnosis, treatment and regular HPV testing.

At GynaeHealth UK we know that early detection of cervical cancer saves lives.

Cervical cancer is a very serious disease that affects 8 women every day (3,100 per year). It can be easily treated, and very often before cancer develops. Patients can expect very good outcomes if pre-cancerous and even cancerous changes are caught early enough.

GynaeHealth UK offers GynaeCheck, a test for HPV that will identify women potentially at a high risk of cervical cancer. GynaeCheck is available to private individuals and to businesses wanting to offer next generation cervical screening.

GynaeCheck – home collection service

GynaeCheck is a comfortable and accurate home sample collection service. It allows women the choice of going about cervical screening in a different fashion.

Rather than a traditional speculum examination where the sample can be tested for both HPV and liquid based cytology, this test effectively becomes a two-stage process.

GynaeCheck is available anywhere in the UK and beyond. Please click here for more information.

Advantages of GynaeCheck Disadvantages of GynaeCheck
  • A significant proportion of women find a speculum examination difficult for a number of potential reasons. This can include difficulty in attending for the test, or the potential wish to avoid a speculum examination if possible. Women who have sadly been the victims of sexual violence would be an example of this.
  • GynaeCheck allows the woman the capability to perform the self-sampling in the privacy and comfort of her own home using a simple device.
  • If no high risk HPV is detected the woman is advised on when to repeat the sampling, thereby potentially avoiding a speculum examination.
  • We know that younger women will have a higher positivity rate due to the nature of the virus and lifestyle at that point in their lives. By only offering to women over 25, in conjunction with the cervical screening program, all these women will have either had, or are eligible for, a smear test. As such there are no potential barriers to any woman who chooses GynaeCheck.
  • The screening process then becomes a two-stage process. Our experience confirms that women who have used the GynaeCheck are very comfortable with this fact.

OneStop Gynae Service

OneStop – GYN service

OneStop - GYN service has been set up primarily to investigate HPV positive clients or for other gynaecological issues.

We offer 2 different clinic types: Gold Standard and Platinum. Click here to see clinic locations.

Platinum Clinics

All GynaeHealth UK’s clinics are staffed with leading local consultants who can offer a broad variety of gynaecological services. The GynaeHealth UK network has been set up primarily to investigate HPV positive clients. This will mean a gynaecological review which may include pelvic examination and smear test if indicated. A full gynaecology review and extra services such as potential HPV vaccination are also available. All GynaeHealth UK consultants are members of GMC and BSCCP and offer same day colposcopy.

One of the main advantages of Platinum Clinics is the latest colposcopy technology. The technology is called DySIS and includes a new technology called Dynamic Spectral Imaging that takes accurate measurements through the course of the examination. The results are summarised in the form of map - the DySIS map - which can be provided to the patient. A DySIS colposcopy is associated with a much higher chance of identifying the presence or absence of any high grade abnormal cells on the cervix.

For more information on DySIS, please visit www.dysismedical.com

Gold Standard Clinics

GynaeHealth UK Gold Standard OneStop - GYN clinic offers access to leading local consultants and all standard NHS diagnostic equipment.

This service has been set up primarily to investigate HPV positive clients. All GynaeHealth UK consultants are members of GMC and BSCCP and offer same day colposcopy.

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